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Indiana in 200 Objects: A Bicentennial Celebration

Now through Jan. 29, 2017

Located on Level 3, in the Changing Galleries 

From the literal bedrock of Indiana to a pair of Chuck Taylor’s Chuck Taylors, Indiana in 200 Objects: A Bicentennial Celebration explores and celebrates the history, science and culture of the Hoosier state through 200 iconic and interesting objects. Featuring artifacts from the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites’ own extensive collection, as well as objects from partner organizations and institutions like the National Archives and Records Administration, seeing this exhibition is a fantastic way to celebrate 200 years of statehood.

Lincoln’s Mallet

Now through Dec. 31, 2016

Located on Level 2, in the Core Galleries

The Indiana State Museum has unveiled a previously unknown artifact from Abraham Lincoln’s life in Indiana. Lincoln’s bench mallet (circa 1829) will be on public display for the first time in 188 years, on his birthday, February 12 and remain on view through 2016 at the museum. This artifact was originally a splitting maul used by Lincoln to drive iron wedges into logs creating split-rails for fencing. The maul head, made from a tree root-ball, eventually split in half. Rather than discard the tool, Lincoln repurposed it into a bench mallet he used to drive pegs into furniture and other fixtures. Lincoln discarded the original long handle and relocated a shorter grip into the remaining portion of the maul to create a mallet.

Amazing Maize

Now through June 19, 2016

Located on Level 3, in the Lincoln Financial Foundation Gallery

Amazing Maize: The Science, History and Culture of Corn takes visitors back more than 10,000 years to learn about the evolution of corn from the time of the ancient Mesoamericans--when the teosinte plant was first domesticated and shaped for specific traits. 

Visitors will be amazed at the scientific, economic and cultural significance and impact corn has on everyday life, both past and present. The 3,000-square-foot exhibit includes interactive Native American tools used to farm, grind and cook corn, an interactive station on genetic modifications of corn over time and more.

Retro Arcade

Now through June 26, 2016
Open Thursday through Sunday 

Located on Level 2

The Indiana State Museum features a pop-up arcade as part of our bicentennial celebration. Featuring up to 22 game stations, the Retro Arcade will include both retro and more current games, including games such as*: 

  • Q*bert-Gottlieb; 1982

  • Hang On-Sega; 1985

  • Cruis’n Exotica-Midway Games; 1999
  • Off Road Challenge-Midway Games; 1997
  • Asteroids-Atari; 1979
  • Gauntlet Legends-Atari Games; 1998
  • Pole Position-Atari; 1982
  • Paperboy-Atari Games; 1984
  • Star Wars Trilogy Arcade; 1999
  • Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat-Leland; 1991
  • Out Run-Sega; 1986
  • Golden Tee Fore Complete-Incredible Technologies; 2005
  • Gyruss-Konami; 1983
  • Tekken 5-Namco; 2004
  • Galaga-Midway; 1981
  • Operation Wolf-Taito; 1987
  • Killer Queen-SortaSoft Games; 2013

*Please note that available games change on an on-going basis. For questions about specific games, please call 317.232.1637

Admission to the arcade is $7 plus general admission, $10 without museum admission and free for museum members.