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From First Nations: The Story of Indiana’s Founding People From Frozen Reign: A State of Change from R.B. Annis Naturalist’s Lab From R.B. Annis Naturalist’s Lab From First Nations: The Story of Indiana’s Founding People View our Smarter Cities Guide

Three redesigned galleries just opened!

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Frozen Reign: A State of Change
Explore the Ice Age, beginning with a trip through an ice tunnel beneath a glacier – complete with chilled air and glacial sounds. This redesigned gallery brings the now-extinct animals to life by placing them in realistic environments. See how your own weight measures up to a mastodon on an interactive weight scale, hear how mastodon calls may have sounded millions of years ago, and touch the tooth of a saber tooth cat.

First Nations: The Story of Indiana’s Founding People
Interactive elements will show how these nations built vibrant communities focused around many aspects that still cement cultures today: Games, food and traditions passed down through generations. 

R.B. Annis Naturalist’s Lab
Explore Indiana’s natural history through your senses. Touch artifacts and specimens like rocks and minerals, animals and plants. Use the tools of a naturalist to discover the world around you, and learn from our on-staff scientists and historical Hoosiers. The Naturalist’s Lab is a place for hands-on exploration of different sciences, including paleobiology, archaeology, geology and more.

Level 1 Permanent Galleries

Featuring the natural history that made Indiana what it is today, the permanent galleries on level one feature artifacts and interactive experiences that allow visitors to connect with Indiana's geology, geography, paleontology and archaeology.

Level 2 Permanent Galleries

The second level of the museum is dedicated primarily to the cultural history of Indiana. From Abraham Lincoln to RCA televisions, Stutz automobiles to Civil War artifacts, this is the place to explore the cultural history of Hoosiers.