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Category: Historic New Harmony

Learn about utopian communities at New Harmony State Historic Site

By Renee Bruck There’s a quiet town on the banks of the Wabash that’s home to only about 800 residents but contains 204 years of Indiana history through the stories of its buildings and grounds just waiting for you to explore. New Harmony State Historic Site served as home in the 1800s to two groups of people seeking heaven on Earth and trying to establish a model community where education, hard work and social equality would be part of daily life. George Rapp and the... Read More
Posted by Kelsey Kotnik at Monday, July 2, 2018

One-Tank Trips: New Harmony State Historic Site

Summertime means one thing: Road trips. This summer, why not explore what’s in your own backyard by traveling to all the places you’ve driven past but never been to – or falling in love again with old favorites? Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered with our One-Tank Trip series – today featuring New Harmony State Historic Site. “Mom, I’m bored!” This unique town will take visitors back in time. Around every corner... Read More
Posted by Kelsey Kotnik at Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Indiana’s new state insect has roots in New Harmony

Staff report As of this March, the State of Indiana has an official state insect with roots in one of our own locations: New Harmony State Historic Site.  “Four years ago, while working on a class project, second graders at Cumberland Elementary School in West Lafayette realized that Indiana was one of only three states without a state insect,” said Amanda Bryden, site manager at New Harmony State Historic Site. “They thought this wasn’t good company to be... Read More
Posted by Kelsey Kotnik at Friday, May 4, 2018