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At the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, we are the keepers not only of facts and objects, but also of stories – and it’s part of our mission to share those stories with you. The purpose of this blog is to share the stories of our history, artifacts, volunteers, staff and more. Be sure to check this space for updates, and follow us on social media to learn even more about who we are and what we do across the state of Indiana.

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Why the opioid crisis?

By Cathy Ferree, President and CEO, Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites Museums are a place to have big conversations about ways we can all influence the present and future. Museums should broaden perspectives through real stories and artifacts, and they should also address the topics of today that are relevant to visitors. At the Indiana State Museum, we wanted to provide a place for our visitors to talk about a topic that can be shaming and isolating, and that affects every... Read More
at Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Real Encounters with the Unexplained

By Renee Bruck Stories about sightings of ghosts, spirits and other beings become commonplace as Halloween approaches, but Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites staff know it doesn’t take the turn of a calendar for unexplained things to start happening. To be clear, we’re not saying any of our locations are haunted. There are just some things that we haven’t been able to fully explain yet. Is it supernatural? Well, you’ll have to visit to decide for yourself. ... Read More
Posted by Renee Bruck at Friday, October 25, 2019

An Interview with a Paleobiologist

There are many jobs, often behind-the-scenes, that allow the museum to continue acquiring fascinating objects that you see on display. One of these jobs is that of the Senior Research Curator of Paleobiology which involves the fossils of plants and animals. Enjoy this short Q&A with the Indiana State Museum’s expert in Paleobiology Ron Richards to learn about his experience working on a large scale excavation and his responsibilities at the museum. When did you start working... Read More
at Thursday, October 24, 2019

Spookiest items from the museum’s collection

The permanent collection of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites contains more than 500,000 objects, from tiny archaeological finds to massive mastodon skeletons. The collection spans across topics, including paper artifacts, pop culture, furniture, clothing and just about whatever else you can imagine.  Together, these objects tell the story of Indiana and the Hoosiers who have shaped the state.  But, the history of Indiana isn’t always cheerful. Sometimes,... Read More
Posted by Emily Winship at Thursday, October 17, 2019