Core Galleries

History IN Progress:

We're currently working on some exciting updates to our core galleries. We've just unveiled all-new Natural Regions, Contested Territory and 19th State galleries. These spaces are more immersive, more interactive and offer fantastic new experiences to explore. As we move through our plan to create the same sort of exciting changes in all of our core galleries, you may notice areas that are closed while we make these improvements. Please note that the Ice Age and Prehistoric Native American galleries are closed to the public for renovations. If you have questions about specific areas or artifacts, please call 317.232.1637 or email us prior to your visit, and we'll be happy to help.

Level 1 Core Galleries

Featuring the natural history that made Indiana what it is today, the core galleries on level one feature artifacts and interactive experiences that allow visitors to connect with Indiana's geology, geography, paleontology and archaeology.

Level 2 Core Galleries

The second level of the museum is dedicated primarily to the cultural history of Indiana. From Abraham Lincoln to RCA televisions, Stutz automobiles to Civil War artifacts, this is the place to explore the cultural history of Hoosiers.