Exhibits & Events

94th Annual Hoosier Salon

The Hoosier Salon exhibition, now in its 94th year, showcases the work of its 2018 artist members. The competition is Indiana’s longest-running art exhibition and considered the preeminent juried exhibition of Indiana art by Indiana artists. See high quality traditional and abstract art in a variety of forms including paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, sculpture and glass. Learn more >>

Indiana Electric Cooperatives’ Calendar of Student Art Contest

See the 12 months through a child’s perspective.Started in 1998, Indiana Electric Cooperatives’ Calendar Art Contest is open to all K-12 students who want to create an illustration for the organization’s annual wall calendar. Each of the numbered grades is given the corresponding month of the year to illustrate: 12 grades, 12 months. Learn more >>

Permanent Galleries

Featuring the natural history that made Indiana what it is today, the core galleries on level one feature artifacts and interactive experiences that allow visitors to connect with Indiana's geology, geography, paleontology and archaeology.
The second level of the museum is dedicated primarily to the cultural history of Indiana. From Abraham Lincoln to RCA televisions, Stutz automobiles to Civil War artifacts, this is the place to explore the cultural history of Hoosiers. 
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IMAX Theater

Featuring academy award-winning IMAX® technology and a six-story screen, The IMAX Theater offers audiences both 2D and 3D IMAX films, as well as contemporary Hollywood movies. Conveniently located in White River State Park's Indiana State Museum, the IMAX is the ultimate larger-than-life experience. Learn more >> 

Peewinkle's Puppet Studio

In partnership with the Indiana State Museum, Peewinkle's Puppet Studio is now offering performances in its new studio space on the second floor of the museum. Learn more >> 


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