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Daniel Tiger and Friends

Step into Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood — where Daniel and his friends help young children navigate their world and parents guide their journey. Play, sing, explore and pretend in some favorite and familiar places from the Neighborhood. Try a fun activity, share a memory and create grr-ific new ones on this beautiful day! Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood brings the wisdom and life lessons of Fred Rogers to a new generation.

You can go wherever your imagination takes you

Through immersive experiences, you’ll work together to solve problems, use your imagination to transform your surroundings, and play along with Daniel’s singable strategies to learn life’s little lessons. Your visit through “A Grr-ific Exhibit” takes you on a journey through some of the key elements of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!

Meet Daniel tiger

When you pretend, you can do anything!

Meet Daniel and all of his friends at the Neighborhood School. Make each friend move and say something special. This interactive mural helps you understand an important life lesson: In some ways we are different, in so many ways, we are the same.

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Visit the Clock Factory where you can play with different kinds of clocks. Make your own clock go tick tock using numbers, gears and clock hands!

Clock Factory
PLaying instruments at Daniel Tiger

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do the Day Away!

Express yourself using one-of-a-kind musical instruments. Be creative and compose your own song, or play along with others, then take a minute and think about how someone else is feeling.

Caring is sharing

Write or draw a thank you note to someone who has done something special for you and share it on the Thank You Tree. Here, you’ll explore meaningful topics like diversity, empathy and gratitude, empowering you to better understand your feelings and the feelings of your neighbors.

Send a letter

A special delivery is right around the corner

Sort, deliver and receive mail and packages at the Neighborhood Post Office. Using your imagination and creativity can take your play to new heights. Remember, when you pretend you can do anything!

Daniel can't wait to sing for you

Dealing with feelings can be challenging no matter how old you are. Here, you can select a block and place it in the radio to hear Daniel sing a strategy song from the series. You can also learn more about how we communicate with one another and share our own feelings.


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“Our visitors can discover life lessons and gain new problem-solving skills through imaginative play in this experience. This exhibit is a fantastic opportunity for families with preschool-aged children to learn how to better understand their emotions while exploring with characters from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”


President and CEO of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites



Created by Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in partnership with The Fred Rogers Company.

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