Learning Resource Trunks

From Civil War to Indiana quilts, we have a Learning Resource Trunk perfect for your class! Give your students hands-on activities to help them discover Indiana art, science and culture. Interactive trunks are packed with books, artifacts, posters and activities. Each trunk includes a teacher’s manual and fulfills select Indiana Academic Standards. Learn more below or in our downloadable PreK-12 Education Program Guide.

Below you'll find age categories paired with descriptions of the trunks offered for that group.

Two week rental: $30
Shipping: Marion County educators must pick up Learning Resources Trunks, and educators located in other counties can pick up the trunk at the Indiana State Museum or will be shipped the trunks for a $15 flat fee.

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Grades K-12

Folk Art: Indiana Stories and Traditions Trunk
Discover folk art in everyday life. Hands–on activities including art, games and books bring students in-touch with their heritage.

Grades 3 & 4

Covered Wagon Trunk
Take a wagon ride from Pennsylvania to Indiana in 1816. Using a model covered wagon and miniature materials, students will learn about the hard decisions pioneers made to travel to the newly-formed state on the western frontier of the United States.

Grades 3-8

The Hoosier Group Trunk
Your students will learn about Indiana’s popular "Hoosier Group," five painters, including T.C. Steele, who specialized in Impressionist art at the turn of the 20th century. Your students will have fun playing a unique board game, hosting an art show and completing other exciting, hands-on activities.

Indiana and the Civil War Trunk
Learn about the toil and trauma of life in the 1860s as this interactive look at Indiana’s role in the Civil War brings to life true stories of Hoosiers.

Indiana Quilts: A Colorful Tradition Trunk
You and your students will see examples of different kinds of quilts, make your own quilts and research family connections to various quilt patterns. This trunk highlights quilt history and its place in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Painters of Indiana Trunk
Learn about Indiana artists from George Winter to Robert Indiana. The hands-on activities in this trunk enhance the experience for both you and your students.

Indiana in Lincoln’s Time Trunk
Journey back to 1816 and experience what life was like for pioneers in the new state of Indiana, including Abraham Lincoln and his family. Hands-on activities recreate settlers' everyday experiences. Students will plant an herb garden, try their hand at some 19th century music, use instruments to survey land and more.

Indiana’s Native Americans Trunk
Enhance and supplement your classes' learning about the native peoples, cultures and significant events of Indiana before and just after the arrival of Europeans and Americans.

Grades 4-8

Indiana’s Ice Age Animals Trunk
Activities and fossils included in this trunk help your students answer questions such as: What was the largest Ice Age animal? How do paleontologists learn about ancient environments? And, what did mastodons eat?

Grades 6-12

Printmaking Trunk
Your students can use printmaking tools to make a linoleum-cut print from start to finish. Students also learn about a variety of printmaking techniques and see examples of printmaking. All supplies are included to make 30 woodblock prints.