Hello! You have a project. We can help.

Whether it’s an event or program, one-off marketing request, a special document, or somewhere in between, please use this form to let us know about your project. We understand you might not have every detail finalized, but please give us as much information as you do have.

The marketing team reviews your project details and comes up with an action plan to make it successful.

Here’s who may help with your project

  • Julie Schaefer
    Vice President, Marketing and Communication

    – Guides strategy and execution of all marketing and communication projects
    – Advertising

  • Marc Allan
    Director of Communication

    – Press releases
    – Media relations
    – Blogs

  • Renee Bruck
    Manager of Communication

    – Social media
    – Photography
    – Blogs

  • Chris McCoy
    Graphic Designer

    – Digital graphics
    – Signage
    – Print materials

  • Emily Winship
    Web & Digital Communication Manager

    – Website
    – E-communication
    – Photography

  • Examples of when to use this form

    • You are planning an event, engagement or experience and want people to know about it.
    • Your event, engagement or experience needs collateral to help facilitate it. This might include activity handbooks, guides, signs etc.
    • You need new “marketing stuff.” This might include signs, letterhead, brochures, etc.
    • Something interesting is happening and you just want to inform Marketing & Communications.
  • Timeframe

    • With multiple design requests coming our way daily, please submit your design request six weeks in advance of your in-hand date. This allows us time to work your project into the overall schedule.
    • For requests submitted after the six-week timeframe, please understand we cannot guarantee your requested completion date, but will do our best.
    • If your request involves using the U.S. Postal Service, please add an additional two weeks, or an eight-week lead time, so we can accommodate the mailing portion of the project.
  • Special Notes

    • We no longer ask for “final” marketing description.
    • If your project has multiple components like signs, postcards and activity handouts, please save your word docs/pdfs separately and name them accordingly (sign.doc, postcards.doc, activity sheets.pdf).

And now…on to the form!