Past Experiences

Who we are shapes how we dress – and the colors we choose to wear. In this new experience, learn how perceptions of color have changed over time and see incredible outfits from the museum’s collection. Discover which color best defines you, let your creativity shine in the Style Studio, and find your perfect Instagrammable moment in this experience that’s all about playing with color and style. March 16 – Aug. 18, 2019 Learn more >>

Bring your child – or just your own inner child – to experience this 3,000-square-foot play space stocked with cardboard boxes of all sizes, cardboard pieces large and small, more colorful tape than you could possibly use, markers, safety scissors and much more. Sept. 29, 2018 – May 27, 2019 Learn more >>

This blockbuster exhibition featured more than 80 original sculptures made entirely of LEGO bricks. Designed to inspire ingenuity and creativity, THE ART OF THE BRICK is the world's largest and most elaborate display of LEGO art featuring sculptures by artist Nathan Sawaya. This captivating exhibition takes an ordinary children’s toy and elevates it to the realm of art. Sept. 29, 2018 - Jan. 6, 2019 Learn more >>

Visitors became part of the 10th Quadrennial International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. For the first time ever, the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis was lived streamed. Visitors experienced musical history being made as they made friends with this often mysterious instrument. Aug. 25 - Nov. 11, 2018 Learn more >>

A retrospective of original paintings from the early 1980s to the present. March 10 - Aug. 5, 2018 Learn more >>


What color is music? Symphony in Color explored this question. Visitors saw 110 works of art created by students in grades one through six while they listened to music performed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. March 31 - May 6, 2018 Learn more >>


This blockbuster traveling exhibition makde a stop at the Indiana State Museum! Visitors experienced poison’s roles in nature, myth and legend through interactive experiences and hands-on discovery. Oct. 21, 2017 - April 22, 2018 Learn more >>