Presidents Day

Visit us for FREE on Presidents Day, February 18.


Visit any open Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites location on Presidents Day to receive free admission.

At the Indiana State Museum, you’ll find a variety of presidential themed hands-on activities. Help JFK race to the moon by designing an air pressure rocket and seeing how high it will fly. Learn about presidential firsts, including the first president to bring a typewriter into the White House, and send an old school “tweet” using a typewriter. Make simple circuit lights to celebrate the first president to install electricity in the White House (hint: he has an Indiana connection!). As we explore the past, including Eisenhower’s interstate system and other transportation methods, consider the future, and what transportation may look like. Don’t forget to put on your best presidential smile as you make a presidential address in the White House press room – a perfect photo op.

We hope to see you here for a presidentially good time!