School Break Camps

Fall Break Camps

Fall break camp provides an engaging experience for students during their fall breaks. Each day offers a different topic for new experiences. Camps are sold by day, allowing parents to choose the date and themes that work for their families.

These camps are designed for K-through-6th-graders.


Daily camp cost: $45 member, $50 non-member
Before care: $6 per day
After care: $9 per day

Get Started
Members can register online here, and nonmembers can register online here. Or, call us at 317.232.1637 to register by phone.

Camp: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Before care: 8 – 9 a.m.
After care: 4 – 5:30 p.m.

Dates and Themes
Monday, Oct. 8|Creatures of the Night
Study creatures that only come out in the night! Where do they live and how do they stay hidden all day? We’ll learn about unusual traits that help these nocturnal creatures survive in the dark!

Tuesday, Oct. 9|Art Explorations
Express your creative side while working with various types of art media in addition to making pieces of artwork in the style of well-known artists!

Wednesday, Oct. 10|Building Brick by Brick
Build an architectural masterpiece, plan a city, or construct a wildlife scene with bricks! Participants will be challenged to use their imagination to create.

Thursday, Oct. 11|Indiana Inventors
Indiana is home to many great inventors! Spend the day exploring how inventors experiment and retest their designs and invent something of your very own.

Friday, Oct. 12|Weird Science
Time to investigate odd, weird and downright bizarre science phenomena! Let’s see what happens when we mix chemistry with Halloween fun!

Monday, Oct. 15|Cardboard Construction
What can you build with some cardboard, scissors and tape? Put your maker skills to the test when you plan and construct your own cardboard masterpiece!

Tuesday, Oct. 16|Pure Chemistry
Celebrate National Chemistry Week! Put on your goggles and let’s mix, bubble, ooze, change colors and create chemical reactions as we become chemists for the day. 

Wednesday, Oct. 17|Fossil Discovery
What animals lived in Indiana during the Ice Age? Did you know Indiana was once covered by an ancient sea? Find out what Indiana looked like thousands of years ago with fossil exploration!

Thursday, Oct. 18|Music Making
Let’s make music! Learn and experiment with sound and make some fun musical instruments using simple materials!

Friday, Oct. 19|Fall Fun
Have you ever wondered why leaves change colors or apples grow in the fall? Conduct science experiments, create art and uncover stories around leaves, pumpkins, apples and more. 

As a reminder, all camps require one week's notice for cancelation. Review our registration, cancelation and bad weather policies here.