Temporary Displays

During your museum visit, keep an eye out for these special temporary displays supplementing our galleries and experiences.

Nikon's Small World
See the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light of a microscope. This annual competition honors the tradition of blending art and science in top photomicrographs from around the world, and showcases a wide variety of advanced scientific disciplines. Find this display on the Whipple Truss Bridge through March 17, 2019.

The 1910 Lambert Automobile
John Lambert was a prolific inventor with over 600 patents. Some of his early inventions included a gasoline powered engine and “vaporizer” which was a simple carburetor, and in 1891, he built a three wheeled  gasoline “buggy car” – reportedly the first American automobile in Ohio City, Ohio. He moved to Anderson, Ind. by 1893, and by 1905 set up his Buckeye Manufacturing Company to mass produce cars, trucks and tractors.

In this display, you’ll find a yellow car that was manufactured by Buckeye Manufacturing Co. in Anderson. This particular Model 28 car was donated by a descendant of Lambert, and there are only a handful of this model known to exist.

Find this display on the second floor just outside Global Indiana.