Today's donation. Tomorrow's impact.

The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites receives state funding to cover basic operational expenses, but it is your financial contributions that provide high-quality programming and exhibitions that make the museum come alive and tell the unique story of the great Hoosier state to Indiana’s school children, adults and visitors from around the world. Donate today and show your financial support for what is truly unique about the great Hoosier state.

OUR MISSION: The mission of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites is to celebrate, explore and steward all that is authentically wondrous about Indiana.   

OUR VISION: The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites is a forward-thinking, unparalleled resource for learning about and appreciating Indiana and its role in the world.  We discover, collect, preserve, interpret and present artifacts and exhibits that showcase the stories of Indiana’s natural and cultural history, art and science.   

OUR IMPACT: At the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, we measure our success against the impact we have on the community we represent and serve. In our exhibitions, programming and outreach, we work to increase: 

  • Curiosity and critical thinking skills
  • Sense of self and what it means to be a Hoosier
  • Sense of place and pride in Indiana
  • Leadership skills and the importance of leadership 
  • Awareness of events and forces that affected Indiana
  • Sense of Indiana’s future
  • Economic impact as a result of ISMHS initiatives