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Women have a long history of fighting for their rights. This summer, explore artworks born of that activism. Discover the artists behind each piece and learn about the causes they continue to fight for. See works inspired by debate over topics like the death penalty or the environment, then take a moment for self-reflection and an opportunity to react. Will be open through August 2, 2020  Learn more >>



The United States is in the middle of a crisis that is impacting families and communities. A perfect storm of prescription drugs, powerful illegal narcotics, the science of brain chemistry and socio-economic pressures, among other factors, has fueled a spike in opioid abuse at all levels of society. Indiana is no exception. Discover personal stories of recovery, explore the science behind opioid addiction through hands-on interactives, learn how to affect positive change in this crisis, and participate in art making and performances that help build empathy. Feb. 1, 2020 – Feb. 7, 2021  Learn More >>



What color is music? Symphony in Color explored this question. Now in its 69th year, Symphony in Color reaches almost 23,000 Indiana students annually. For this year’s contest, children in grades one through six listened to selected symphonic music, then created their own visual interpretations of what they heard. This virtual experience opened March 28, 2020. Learn more >>


In our permanent experiences, you’ll find a place to explore big questions and learn the story of Indiana – from the ancient forces that shaped the land to Hoosier icons of the modern day. Here, there’s truly something for every interest. Learn more >>



Featuring academy award-winning IMAX® technology and a six-story screen, The IMAX Theater offers audiences both 2D and 3D IMAX films, as well as contemporary Hollywood movies. Conveniently located in White River State Park's Indiana State Museum, the IMAX is the ultimate larger-than-life experience. Learn more >> 



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