Indiana art by Indiana artists

See 146 pieces of artwork from Hoosier artists in this annual competition. The show is Indiana’s longest-running juried art exhibition of Indiana art by Indiana artists. Works in the exhibition are available for purchase by the public throughout the show.

Hoosier Salon

BEST OF SHOW – $5,000


“The Scholar and the Saint”

Russell Recchion

Oil on canvas

“The Scholar and the Saint”

2ND PLACE – $3,000


“Harbour Overtones”

Jerry Smith

Acrylic paint, charcoal pencil

Harbour Overtones

3RD PLACE – $2,000


“Lexington, Main St., Impending Storm”

Mark Ratzlaff

Oil on board

Lexington, Main St., Impending Storm

2020 Artists


Experience, and even purchase, amazing award-winning art created by Indiana artists during the Hoosier Salon 96th Annual Exhibition at the Indiana State Museum. Explore 146 pieces of artwork including paintings, ceramics, sculptures and more.

96th Hoosier Art Salon


Hoosier Salon 96th Anniversary Logo


Davis is a mixed media contemporary artist and the owner of the Davis Art Studio and EbonNia Gallery in the historic Wright-Dunbar Business District. He is the recipient of the Ohio Governor’s Irma Lazarus Lifetime Achievement Award, the Ohio Designer Craftsman of the Year Award and the Ohio Art Educator of the Year Award.

Willis “Bing” Davis

Davis has an illustrious record as an artist and curator including exhibitions at the American Craft Museum; the Renwick Gallery; the Maryland Institute College of Art and Design; the Savannah College of Art and Design, the Anacostia Community Museum in Washington, D.C. ; the National Museum of Art of Senegal, West Africa; the United States Embassy in Accra, Ghana; Museum fur Angewandte Kunst in Frankfort, Germany; the Indianapolis Museum of Art; the Haan Museum of Indiana Art in Lafayette; and the Indianapolis Art League.

Davis has been aware of Hoosier Salon for decades. “I have been aware of the existence and quality of the Hoosier Art Salon exhibits since enrolling as an art major at DePauw University in 1955 under the teaching of A. Reid Winsey and Dr. Ray French, who made sure we knew and appreciated Indiana art and artists. It was as important to know the artists of Brown County and southern Indiana artists as it was to know the artists of southern France. I learned to enjoy T.C. Steele of Brown County fame and Joseph Holliday of urban Indianapolis fame.  I’m appreciative of Hoosier Art Salon’s efforts to broaden its reach to serve its art community.”

Known for his creative and innovative approach to teaching, Davis’ 40-year career in art education included teaching at DePauw University, Miami University, Dayton Public Schools and Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, where he also chaired the art department.

Accepted Artists

Anna Afshar  •  Dan Annarino  •  Terry Armstrong  •  Donna Arnold  •  Christa Barnell  •  Jo Belmont  •  Tony Bianco  •  Roy Boswell  •  Robert Bratton  •  Peggy Breidenbach  •  Susan Brewer  •  Rena Brouwer  •  Charlene Brown  •  Jo Burkhard  •  Jose Caro  •  William Carpenter  •  John Michael Carter  •  Beth Clary Schwier  •  Judy Crawford  •  Alicia Dawn Criswell  •  Cindy Crofoot Mulvaney  •  David Cunningham  •  Mary Ann Davis  •  Deborah Davis  •  Steve Dawson  •  Bruce Dean  •  Michael Todd Derr  •  Steve Dodge  •  Fred Doloresco  •  Susan Doster  •  Minda Douglas  •  Lynn Dunbar Bayus  •  Robin Edmundson  •  Stephen Edwards  •  Tatyana Fedorikhina  •  Dixie Ferrer  •  Brad Fields  •  Forrest Formsma  •  Beth Forst  •  Joel Fremion  •  Marianne Glick  •  Gerrie Govert  •  Karen Graeser  •  Linda Gredy  •  Mary Gretsinger  •  Jeanette Hammerstein  •  Dena Hawes  •  Cody Heichel  •  Thomas Himsel  •  Lucia Inman Valero  •  Sharon Jiskra Brooks  •  Benjamin Johnson  •  Molly Johnson  •  Gary Jursik  •  Rebecca Justice-Schaab  •  John Kelty  •  Anthony King  •  Patrick Kluesner  •  Jeffrey Lake  •  Alan Larkin  •  Abby Laux  •  Wyatt LeGrand  •  Diane Lehman  •  Cheryle Lowe  •  Sarah Luginbill  •  William Lupkin  •  Peter Lupkin  •  Ellen Lyon  •  Thom Maltbie  •  A. Cassia Margolis  •  Todd Matteson  •  Katherine Meade  •  Bob Meyers  •  Kit Miracle  •  Pamela Newell  •  Chris Newlund  •  Mejo Okon  •  Kate Orr  •  Lisa Pelo  •  Jerry Points  •  Dianna Porter  •  Robert Pote  •  Nicole Powell  •  Kyle Ragsdale  •  Atossa Rahmanifar  •  Maggie Rapp  •  Mark Ratzlaff  •  Russell Recchion  •  Patricia Rhoden  •  J Roberts  •  Ann Rose  •  Martha Sando  •  Betty Scarpino  •  Ann Seaver  •  David Seward  •  Carol Sexton  •  Kerry Shaw  •  Sarah Shaw  • Arena Shawn  •  Donna Shortt  •  Jerry Smith  •  William Smock  •  Robert Sorrels  •  Sallie Spencer  •  Curt Stanfield  •  Brenda Stichter  •  Carol Strock Wasson  •  Brian Talbert  •  Stephanie Thomson  •  James Tracy  •  Gerald Traicoff  •  Mark Vander Vinne  •  Justin Vining  •  Mark Waninger  •  Steve Warner  •  Cynthia Watson  •  Patricia Weiss  •  Elizabeth Whipple  •  Rick Wilson  •  Cindy Wingo  •  Shirley Woolard  •  Diane Wunderlich  •  Gabriel Yaden  •  Kathy Zentz

Indiana Electric Cooperatives' Calendar of Student Art Contest

In addition to the Hoosier Salon exhibition, a show featuring student artwork is on display at the museum. The Indiana Electric Cooperatives’ Calendar of Student Art Contest features artwork from K-12 students with the first place winner from each grade featured in the cooperative’s annual wall calendar.

  • Student Calendar

    Evan Olinger | Twelfth Grade | First Place Winner | BEST OF SHOW

  • Harley Koons | Sixth Grade | First Place Winner

  • Elizabeth Miller | Tenth Grade | First Place Winner

  • Lily Jones | Kindergarten | First Place Winner

  • Kayla Florian | Eleventh Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Violet Kesler | First Grade | First Place Winner

  • SaRai Fontanez | Fourth Grade | First Place Winner

  • Evie Huff | Third Grade | First Place Winner

  • Bryan Michael Yoder | Seventh Grade | First Place Winner

  • Olivia DeSchamp | Second Grade | First Place Winner

  • Danielle Sommerman | Eleventh Grade | First Place Winner

  • Hannah Stewart | Eighth Grade | First Place Winner

  • Logan Huff | Fifth Grade | First Place Winner

  • Mary Batz | Ninth Grade | First Place Winner

  • Heidi Kreutz | Eighth Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Lauren Brewster | Ninth Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Sanchali Pothuru | Tenth Grade | Honorable Mention

  • David White | Fourth Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Alessandra Dominguez Javier | Seventh Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Jeremy J. Loveras | Sixth Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Ally Brown | Fifth Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Primrose Jones | First Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Ellie Sherman | Kindergarten | Honorable Mention

  • Victoria White | Second Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Knox Coen | Third Grade | Honorable Mention

  • Emmaline Zink | Twelfth Grade | Honorable Mention

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