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Registration is now open for our fun-filled fall break day camps like Gross Me Out, Kitchen Chemistry, Fall into Art and more! Are you looking for a fun alternative to in-person day camps? Camp in a Box kits are also available for purchase.

Fall Break Camps Camp in a Box


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Children Crafting

Fall Break Camps

Enjoy an engaging camp experience during fall break filled with hands-on making, creating, discovery and play! Explore the Indiana State Museum galleries, get up close to specimens and artifacts, wander through our Watanabe Gardens and enjoy the canal view with integrated art, science and nature exploration. Fall Break Camp is geared towards youth currently enrolled in kindergarten through 6th grade.

9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Oct. 5-9, 12-16, and 19-23

$55/camper, 10% discount for members, $5/sibling discount

Free-time for campers offered 8 – 9 a.m.

October 5 & 19 | Gross Me Out

*Belch* Excuse me! Our bodies can be gross. We’ll learn why snot is so important to keep germs out, how long our large intestine is, and even how gas can build until it must escape.



Oct. 6 & 20 | Paper Creations

Fold, twist and roll paper to create masterpieces as we learn more about the art of origami and quilling.



Oct. 7 & 21 | Small Science

Shrink down to the nano level as we do some big experiments.



Oct. 8 & 22 | Domino Effect

Do you have some zany ideas on ways to complete simple tasks? Join us as we use potential and kinetic energy and our imaginations to make a ball move or close a book.



Oct. 9 & 23 | Leap into Wind

Explore wind and air with our friends from The Franklin Institute. Learn the difference between a breeze and gale, then engineer a wind detector and test ways to use wind power.



Oct. 12 | Twist, Turn, Lift!

Test your engineering skills as we explore how simple machines help build the world around us.



Oct. 13 | Kitchen Chemistry

Investigate and experiment with things found in the kitchen as we learn more about chemistry.



Oct. 14 | Fall into Art

Welcome autumn by using nature to create art. Campers will create flower suncatchers, make leaf prints and more.



Oct. 15 | Planet Mars

Are you ready for your mission? Explore Mars and determine what it will take to survive on this red planet. Make a rover, test landing gear and design a new space suit.



Oct. 16 | Secrets of the Museum

The Indiana State Museum has a lot of amazing items in its collection but not enough room to share it all! Go behind-the-scenes to learn about a few of the objects and the secrets they keep.


How we're staying safe

  • Our Camp Room

    • Tables are spaced 5-6 feet apart.
    • We will have up to two campers per 6’ table, sitting at opposite ends of the table.
    • We allow campers to self select their seat for the day. Siblings may choose to sit together or at different tables.
  • Camp activities

    • All materials will be grouped per child. Each camper will have a bin of art supplies that will be just theirs to use during the camp day. When extra materials are needed, an ISM staff person will gather those materials.
    • We will do our best to limit contact with non-camp staff and museum guests. This includes visiting the galleries before the museum opens and having lunch in our camp room.
    • Recess and free exploration are important aspects of camp. We will have variety of exploration bins that a camper can explore with for the day. These materials will be cleaned at the end of each day. If the weather permits (not raining), we will go outside for walks and non-contact recess games.
  • Cleaning

    • Campers will wash their hands when entering and leaving the camp room, before and after snack and lunch, and after using the restroom. Both hand sanitizer and soap and water will be available for campers to use as needed.
    • Tables, chairs, camper bins, and materials will be cleaned at the end of each camp day, once the campers have left for the day.
    • We are using 80% isopropyl alcohol, Virex, and cleaning wipes to clean items after use.
  • Additionally

    • Campers and ISM staff will be expected to wear a mask during the camp day, except for lunch and snack time.
    • Pick-up and drop off will happen in the circle drive right outside the museum entrance. This will limit the number of adults in the camp space. Additional details will be emailed to parents before camp.
    • If we don’t reach our minimum camp attendance, camp will be cancelled on the Monday the week before that scheduled camp.
Child Crafting

Camp in a Box

Engage your child in learning through a variety of hands-on design challenges, step-by-step experiments and art creations. Each theme includes 5 activities, all the materials needed, and an activity guide with step-by-step instructions and ways to continue exploring. These kits are geared towards students currently in grades kindergarten – 6.

$30/members, $35/non-members; $10 shipping

  • Pick-up: 4:30 – 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 2, 9 & 16
  • Shipping: $10 per kit for priority mail
  • Registration Deadline: 5 p.m. the Wednesday before your preferred pick-up date. Orders cannot be placed and picked up the same day. Last day to purchase is Thursday, October 22.

  • My 7 (now 8) year old daughter LOVED the camps in a box! She liked that they included every day supplies and the instructions were written clearly so she could do many of the activities on her own.

    Jessica T.

  • I like my child having the option to learn and interact while maintaining social distancing. I also liked that we could work at our own pace.

    Amy G.

  • Great deal and my kids were engaged for HOURS with some of the activities.

    Megan N.

Artful Antics

Create art through messy experiments, like painting without a paintbrush and experimenting with splatter art.



Relax, Reset

After learning and growing so much during the fall semester, enjoy your fall break as you relax and reset. Campers will make stress balls, practice yoga, create art and learn different ways to relax when they need a break.



Solid, Liquid, Gas

Experiment with the states of matter with five different science experiments. Warning…you may get messy!



Ready Set Launch

Explore what it takes to propel objects through the air and build catapults, rockets and more.


Camp in a Box FAQ

  • I have two campers, do I need to buy two kits? 

    Activities will result in one product at completion. Children can work alone or with a partner, whichever works best for your family. Families with multiple children can opt to purchase one or more kits.

  • When can I pick up my kit?

    Fridays, October 2, 9, 16 & 23 from 4:30 – 6 p.m. Details will be emailed to parents on October 1, 8, 15 & 22.

  • How do I safely pick up my kit? 

    We have a quick and easy non-contact delivery where we will place the kit in your trunk. Details will be emailed to you on the Wednesday before pick-up. Pick-up will take place in the circle drive in front of the Indiana State Museum at 650 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204.

  • What additional materials are needed to complete the activities? 

    Nearly everything will be included in the kit. Your child may need to provide their own water and scissors. For activities that call for drawing a picture with a crayon, we will only include one or two crayons. Your child may want to add to their creations from their own art stash.

  • Do I need to return anything? 

    Nope! Once you have the kit, the materials are yours and nothing will need to be returned.

  • Can my child do these activities alone?

    We have tried our best to provide activities that campers can do alone or with limited adult supervision. However, you know your child best and whether or not they may need an assistant to help with instructions. We’ve also heard that some families have used these kits as a way for their whole family to connect and learn. Please use these activities in whatever way works best for your family.

  • I bought Artful Antics/Summer Reset/Solid Liquid Gas/Ready Set Launch this summer. Are there new activities in these boxes?

    No, this is the same kit from the summer. Fall Fun and Grossology are brand new kits with new and different activities.

Camp registration can be cancelled or rescheduled to an available camp up to two weeks before the start of camp. Camp registrations cancelled less than two weeks prior to the start of camp will not be refunded. Review our registration, cancellation and bad weather policies here.