Vintage Vision

Cars of the 1920s

Indiana was once a mecca of automobile manufacturing and wow, we turned out some beauties. Check out 10 of the hottest rides of the 1920s – including a 1926 Duesenberg Model A Roadster – all on loan from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum collection. You will learn about the cars and the manufacturers and see clothing from that era. You’ll also be able to build a miniature car and test it out on a track, and turn yourself into a hood ornament for a photo op!

February 18 through October 15, 2023

This experience is located on Level Three and is included with purchase of museum admission.

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Dusenberg Showroom

The cars to be shown include a 1920 Stutz model H sedan, 1920 Monroe type S, 1922 Lexington model U, 1922 Davis Touring, 1925 Apperson Jackrabbit, 1925 Duesenberg model A touring car, 1925 McFarlan, 1926 Duesenberg model A roadster (Augie Duesenberg’s personal car), 1928 Studebaker Presidential 8 touring car and 1929 Marmon Roosevelt coupe. They are on loan from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

Pictured: Duesenberg showroom

Dive further into the lives of the people who would’ve driven these cars by seeing their vintage outfits on display. Or dress up like the mascots (the hood ornaments on the car) for a photo op. In addition, visitors can build their own miniature car and test it out on a track.

Pictured: Women’s velvet, evening coat, 1928