Early Childhood Programs

Our early childhood public programs get kids curious about the world around them. With age appropriate and themed activities, you'll watch your little one engage in a whole new way. Class sizes are very small, allowing lots of one-on-one time with our early childhood specialists.

Early childhood/daycare teachers, be sure to check out our Preschool Journeys in the School Programs section of the website. 

See us learn and play

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Our Programs

What others have said about our early childhood programs

“We like how much calmer it is here and how much space we have to play” -Parent
“This was my favorite; I’m coming back!” -Child participant
“I want to be a beekeeper now. I’m going to tell my dad about bees!” -Child participant
“This is my favorite museum now because you are here. I love this place!” -Child participant
“[The staff was] great with children! Walked around to make sure children stayed engaged with the activity.” -Parent
“The timing for the children to get their hands on the project was much less than them having to sit and listen.” -Parent
"What most impressed me about the class was the amount of individual attention each child received. Throughout all of the activities, the instructors spent time actually sitting down with each kid, asking them questions about what they were doing, and listening attentively to the information the kids wanted to share. None of the activities were too long, so we stayed on the mark for the 3 – 5 year old attention span.”-Katie Windes de Puente, in a CityMoms Report

Meet our Team

Miss Hayley
Hayley has both formal and informal early childhood education experience. With a master’s degree in museum studies and an emphasis in education programming, she has been an early childhood program facilitator at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and a Head Start Pre-K teacher.

Hayley loves watching little ones grow in confidence in the classroom. “There is something amazing about preschoolers—they are so open to learning new things and exploring,” she said. “I love watching them have that ‘aha moment’ when trying something new—it inspires me to be a better educator.”

Mr. Evan
Evan’s early childhood experience includes facilitating early childhood programs at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and summer camps throughout Indiana and Texas.

Evan loves helping kiddos dive deep into their learning—literally! A typical day for Evan isn’t over until he has a paint stain on his pants and a smile on his face. “A tremendous amount of learning happens when kids get to experiment in a new space,” said Evan. “Sometimes this means painting their entire feet for an art project or slathering on shaving cream for a lesson. Either way, it’s a joy to be part of this learning.”


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