Upcoming Experiences

A·MAZE·D: The Puzzling World of Dave Phillips
Kids and adults alike: Prepare to be challenged with a puzzling exhibit that gets you moving! Jump from dot-to-dot in Hop Dots and maneuver your way through the twists and turns of a giant walk-through cardboard maze. Discover the history of mazes and labyrinths and see original maze art. You may need to sharpen your logic and problem-solving skills to become a true maze-master! Aug. 31, 2019 – Jan. 5, 2020.  Learn more >>

Share the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light of a microscope. The world’s best photomicrographers have captured dynamic images that showcase a wide variety of advanced scientific disciplines. November 2019 – March 2020

All ages can celebrate the magic of the holidays at the Indiana State Museum! Visit with Santa and share your holiday wish list with him, enjoy a delicious lunch in the L.S. Ayres Tea Room™ with your family and friends or hear the sounds of the season from local schools, groups and organizations. Ride the Santa Claus Express train, dress a snowman in Santa’s Front Yard, or pack Santa’s sleigh and assist reindeer recruits with their take-offs and landings in Santa’s Workshop. Nov. 29 Jan. 5, 2020  See more >>


Rube Goldberg™: The World of Hilarious Invention!

This exhibit showcases Pulitzer Prize winning humorist and inventor Rube Goldberg™’s iconic contraptions and celebrates his imaginative techniques, humorous storytelling and inventive skills. Like Rube Goldberg, you can activate and create crazy chain-reaction contraptions that use everyday objects to complete simple tasks in the most overcomplicated, inefficient and hilarious ways possible! Jan. 18 – May 10, 2020

FIX: Heartbreak and Hope Inside Our Opioid Crisis

The United States is in the middle of a crisis that is destroying families and communities. A perfect storm of prescription drugs, powerful illegal narcotics, the science of brain chemistry and socio-economic pressures, among other factors, has fueled a spike in opioid abuse at all levels of society. Indiana is no exception. Discover personal stories of recovery, explore the science behind opioid addiction through hands-on interactives, learn how to affect positive change in this crisis, and participate in art making and performances that help build empathy. Feb. 1, 2020 – Feb. 7, 2021

XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness

Using facial expressions, words, movement and art making, XOXO explores what love and forgiveness mean to you, and to others. Play, act silly, and consider what makes you sad, mad and happy. Ask questions, listen and learn about yourself and the people around you. This exhibit encourages visitors to take a deep breath and explore these feelings through interactive experiences. May 23 – Sept. 7, 2020