Published April 23, 2024

New Ancient Seas Experience Will Open This Summer

You’re invited to travel back millions of years to explore the ecosystems that once populated our state as we unveil our newly reimagined Ancient Seas exhibit at the Indiana State Museum.

Set to reopen on June 8, the new experience places you at the center of the story — submerged under wild waters and surrounded by dense coal forests!

In the new Ancient Seas, you’ll encounter what life was like in our state during the Paleozoic Era as you …

  • Build a crinoid, an ancient sea creature that called Indiana home.
  • Bring fossils to life through a new digital interactive.
  • Explore more than 200 fossils, including pieces recently added to our collection.

Giant sea creatures, like the predatory eurypterid and the massive dunkleosteus, along with colorful light features have been installed around the top and sides of the gallery while interactive features invite you to come face to face with some of Indiana’s early environmental wonders, all to give you a perspective that you’re traversing the watery world and thick woodlands that once covered Indiana.

Ancient Seas will reopen in the Natural History section on level one. Follow updates on Ancient Seas, special programs, rotating exhibits and more by following us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or X!