Girl Scout Badge Explorer

at Corydon Capitol State Historic Site

During a visit to the Corydon Capitol State Historic Site, Girl Scouts will be able to accomplish
the following badge requirements. Please call 812.738.4890 to make your tour reservation.

As you arrive

What do you notice about the buildings and land around you?
Who would have lived here 100 years ago?

During your visit

What do you see?
Focus on an object in the room you are in. Have you seen something like this before? Where? How is it the same or different?
If you were a kid then, what would you do?
What is the coolest thing you see?
If you were an inventor then, what would you create?
Why do you think the historic site was preserved for people to visit?

After your visit

Talk with your family and/or troop about your visit. Share your top three things you found interesting, surprising, or cool.

202 E Walnut St, Corydon, IN 47112, USA

Take a trip to see us

Tours Wednesday through Sunday at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

  • Daisy

    Good Neighbor
    Step 2 – Discover your city or town:
    In your city or town, neighbors work together in lots of different places. These places help make sure everyone has what they need. How many different places can you think of? (Downtown Corydon Exploration)
    Step 3 – See what makes your state special: There are 50 states in the United States. They’re all neighbors to one another, and each one is special in its own way. When you put them together, they make a big community – and your part of it. See what makes your state unique in this step. (Tour)

  • Brownie

    Celebrating Community
    Step 4 –
    Be a landmark detective: A landmark is place that special or where something important happened. Some landmarks are called “memorials” because they honor people who died for an important cause. Get to know your community’s landmarks. (Tour and Downtown Corydon Exploration)

    Eco Friend
    Step 2 –
    Observe outdoor spaces: If you think of yourself as a guest in nature’s home, it’s easy to remember that objects in nature should stay where they are. When you visit a friend’s house, you wouldn’t pick up something you liked and take it home without permission. And everything in nature is there for a reason, too. In this step, you’ll buddy up with some friends and an adult, and go outside to a place where you can see things in nature like rocks, leaves, shells, and fallen branches. (Downtown Tour Corydon Exploration)

  • Junior

    Step 2 – Look under the petals:
    Flowers aren’t just pretty. They may look like they aren’t doing a lot, but  they’re actually quite busy! (Tour) Step 3 – Find out how flowers help people: Not only do flowers have a lot going on inside of them, but they do a lot for people. (Tour

    Step 1 – Visit a garden: The best way to get inspired about gardening is to explore and enjoy a well-cared- for garden. Take a tour of one of the gardens below to start learning about how gardens are planted, how to take care of them, and the right way to pick flowers when they’ve blossomed. (Tour)
    Step 2 – Explore garden design: The first gardens on record were planted in Persia 4,000 years ago. Humans have long known that well-designed gardens can have magical effects-they can make people feel cheerful, thoughtful, or inspired. (Tour)

    Playing the Past
    Step 3 – Experience daily life:
    Immerse yourself in your character’s time period. Think about what her lifestyle would have been like, and live it out. This is your chance to spend a day seeing the world through your character’s eyes. (Tour)

  • Cadette

    Democracy for Cadettes: Step 2 – Find out about state government. (Tour)
    Trees: Step 4 – Explore the connection between people and trees: Food, inspiration, and oxygen aren’t the only ways trees benefit people. Fuel, medicine, and shelter are also crucial to the tree-people connection-crucial, and anything but simple. Naturalists know all the moving parts surrounding their subjects, so here’s where you get the whole context of the tree relationship. (Tour)

  • Senior

    Democracy for Seniors: Step 2 – Find out about state government. (Tour)

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