Use the below form to add an employee to the Intranet Employee Directory or change information in an employee’s existing listing.

We ask that sites also take and upload photos of the employee using these guidelines:

  • Take the photo outside in the early afternoon.
  • Don’t use a backdrop. It may sound odd, but please take the photo with just an open field or street in the background. No standing in front of big walls, please!
  • Photo should be close enough that it just shows the person from the waist up. It should not be so close that his or her shoulders are cut out of the photo.
  • Have the person stand facing you straight on, then pivot a bit to the right.
  • iphone photos are great! You don’t need a professional camera.

With specific intranet requests, contact Emily Winship, Web and Digital Communication Manager, at [email protected] or 317-504-2429.