First Nations

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In First Nations: The Story of Indiana’s Founding People, interactive elements show how ancestors of today’s Native Americans built vibrant communities focused around many aspects that still cement cultures today: games, food and traditions passed down through generations. First Nations tells the story of these founding people as ancestors who remain a part of living, Native American communities today.

Expressions in art | See some of the finest examples of Native American artwork, from birdstones and effigy pipes to pieces of modern art.

Learn by listening | Hear the Potawatomi story, ‘Why the Bear has a Short Tail,’ told by a Potawatomi story teller and illustrated by a Miami artist. 

Explore everyday life | Watch a scene unfold in life-size silhouette as a mother teaches her daughter how to make pottery, and a young man excites a crowd of game players as he makes his powerful ‘chunky’ stone throw.

Smell what’s cooking | Explore Native American culinary traditions and see a cooking show where a Shawnee cook prepares her favorite family recipe, grape dumplings. 

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