Our gingerbread friends can’t wait to show you some of our favorite sites around the state. And with so much to see and do, there’s a ton of fun just waiting for you and your family. Up for something new? You can discover the true story of Indiana’s role in the Underground Railroad. Looking for an outdoor adventure? We have plenty of wooded trails and marshes just waiting to be explored. Ready for a relaxing twist on a day? Try weaving your way through a life-sized labyrinth. Our cookie concierges will lead you to more fun things to do all across the state. What are you waiting for? Snap to it!


They come from all over the state of Indiana and can’t wait to welcome you to their favorite sites on earth! Learn more about our gingerbread family and the places they call home. There’s a fresh batch of road trips just waiting to be devoured!


This 100-acre site even includes a four-mile Loop Trail leading you to ceremonial and residential mounds and incredible scenery.

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Discover Corydon Capitol

Here you’ll find our 1815 Census, as well as the trunk of a 200-year-old elm tree that was here when Indiana first became a state. Wowzers!

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Step Inside Culbertson Mansion

Love fancy stuff? Well, your parents will definitely love to take a tour of this 150-year-old mansion. It’s amaze-balls!

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Explore Gene Stratton-Porter

This site has it all. A cabin in the woods, winding trails and even a lake to make this the perfect place to get away for the day!

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Lollygag through Lanier Mansion

Ever wonder what life was like for kids like your great-great grandparents? This house has so many stories to tell.

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Wander the Levi & Catharine Coffin House

As conductors for the Underground Railroad, the Coffins helped more than 1,000 freedom seekers to safety. Here, you can explore secret rooms and hidden wells!

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Find Yourself at Limberlost

A swamp?!?! Yep, this famous Limberlost Swamp is home to all kinds of animals, small and large. Try keeping track of all the wildlife you see.

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An Adventure Awaits in New Harmony

Experience a dizzying amount of fun in a hedge maze called a labyrinth made by the residents of this unique town hundreds of years ago.

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Ohh and Ahhh at T.C. Steele

Try drawing a picture of the trees and flowers you see outside your window. Then visit this site and see what inspired this Hoosier painter!

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Make New Discoveries at Vincennes

This town is yours to explore. From school houses and print shops, there’s something for everyone to love during a visit to Vincennes.

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Mill About Whitewater Canal

Grind your own cornmeal, and discover how a grist mill really works at this cool site, which features the nation’s only wooden aqueduct!

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Have a Blast at the Indiana State Museum

Whether you’re interested in art, architecture, history or science, we’ve got you covered with three floors of fun.

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A Fresh Batch of Fun

Now that you’ve met our Gingerbread family, download these coloring pages so you can bring them to life in your own house. Just download the PDF below and turn an ordinary afternoon into a sweet holi-day!

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