Released July 26, 2021

97th Annual Hoosier Salon Opens August 21

“Pandemic Self-Portrait I”, Ellen Lyon, Oil on panel

More than 100 artists from across Indiana will have their work displayed in the Indiana State Museum Aug. 21 through Oct. 24 as part of the 97th annual Hoosier Art Salon exhibition.

This year’s exhibit will feature 145 artworks in seven categories: figure; still life; abstract work; three-dimensional work; watercolor; portrait; and landscape.

Seven artists are being featured for the first time: Teresa Altemeyer, Ann Bastianelli, Kalleen Chilcote and Lawrence Hunter, all from Indianapolis; Kevin O’Brien of Lafayette; Carrie Wright of Muncie; and  Willis “Bing” Davis of Dayton, Ohio. Davis was the juror for the 2020 Hoosier Salon.

The full list of artists is below.

All the work in the show is available for sale beginning August 20 through October 24 online at

“Roco loco”, Kyle Ragsdale, Oil on canvas

“This is an exhibition that is rich in tradition and showcases the very best from across the

state in a wide variety of media, technique and subject matter,” said Mark Ruschman, the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites’ senior curator of art and culture. “This is a great opportunity for us to showcase the talent associated with Indiana. It provides the artists with exposure to an audience they may not reach otherwise. And there’s a level of prestige that comes along with exhibiting at a museum – and particularly their home state museum.”

The Hoosier Salon legacy began in 1925 when the Daughters of Indiana opened the doors to the first exhibition of Indiana contemporary artists at Marshall Field and Company Galleries in Chicago. In 1942, the exhibit moved to downtown Indianapolis – first at the William H. Block (until 1977), then at L.S. Ayres and Company (1978-89). In 1990, the Hoosier Salon exhibit came to the Indiana State Museum, where it has been ever since except for a stint at the Indiana Historical Society from 2005-2010.

“February Evening”, John Michael Carter, Oil on linen canvas

“We feel like we’re the perfect venue for this exhibit, given what our mission is and our outreach across the state,” Ruschman said.

To be eligible for the competition, an artist must be a Hoosier Salon member and must have lived in Indiana for a minimum of one year at any point during his or her life.

On the Hoosier Salon’s website,, the organization notes that 2021 is the Hoosier Salon’s 97th year “of serving Indiana’s artists and developing the creative community they need to thrive. We are and will always be the organization that truly represents Art by Indiana Artists. We are one of Indiana’s oldest and most respected visual arts groups, yet we are as current as our newest member and we intend to be around and healthy to turn 100 in 2025.”

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    Anna Afshar (Fishers), “What’s for Dinner”

    Teresa Altemeyer (Indianapolis), “Blue”

    Dan Annarino (West Lafayette), “Symbiotic History” and “Symbiotic Suburb”

    Mason Archie (Indianapolis), “Serenity Number 5” and “Quilt Codes Series, Guide Me Home”

    Donna Arnold (Carmel), “Lizzie in Florida” and “Alma Juliana”

    Ann Bastianelli (Indianapolis), “Masked Man”

    Jo Belmont (Indianapolis), “Veranda at El Lencero”

    Robert Bratton (Carmel), “Farmed Out”

    Peggy Breidenbach (Indianapolis), “Reaching” and “Joined”

    Diane Breman (Spring, Texas), “A Horse of Course”

    Susan Brewer (Indianapolis), “Intervals In Time III”

    Jo Burkhard (Indianapolis), “Birds of an Unusual Feather” and “American Family”

    William Carpenter (Marion), “Self-Inquiry”

    John Michael Carter (Louisville, Kentucky), “February Evening”

    Kalleen Chilcote (Indianapolis), “Beach Bums”

    Judy Crawford (Demotte), “The Skylight”

    Steven Creighton (Warsaw), “Still Life with Eggs”

    Cindy Crofoot (Greendale), “Lost in the Melody”

    Deborah Davis (Bloomington), “Evening Retreat – Covid Fantasy” and “Flying on the Brink”

    Willis Davis (Dayton, Ohio), “Anti-Police Brutality Dance Mask #23”

    Steve Dodge (Martinsville), “Trouble Ahead”

    Fred Doloresco (Fremont), “Winter Shadow and Light”

    Daniel Driggs (Frankfort), “Thanksgiving Dinner”

    Stephen Edwards (Sheridan), “Slow Summer Stream” and “After a Spring Rain”

    Forrest Formsma (Indianapolis), “Fall Glow”

    Beth Forst (Noblesville), “Wild Thang”

    Joel Fremion (Ossian), “The Artist’s Studio” and “The Patty Porch”

    Karen Graeser (Indianapolis), “Harvest Moon”

    Sylvia Gray (Westfield), “Carnival”

    Linda Gredy (Xenia, Ohio), “Favor for a Thousand Generations”

    Randal Gunyon (Fairmount), “Beneath the Surface,” “Beneath the Surface-Second View” and “Beneath the Surface-Third View”

    Samuel Hoffman (Fort Wayne), “Art for Sale” and “Creek into River”

    Clare Peggy Hollett (Indianapolis), “Spirit’s Cradle,” “Spirit’s Cradle detail 1” and “Spirit’s Cradle detail 2”

    Lawrence Hunter (Indianapolis), “Urban Colors”

    Matt Hurdle (Fishers), “My Reoccurring Dream”

    Debra Huse (Costa Mesa, California), “Timeless Beauty”

    John Kelty (Fort Wayne), “Back Way”

    Patrick Kluesner (Anderson), “Prussian Blue Heron” and “Great Blue Heron”

    Alan Larkin (South Bend), “The Magician”

    Wyatt LeGrand (Bloomfield), “George and Avenelle Heaton”

    Diane Lehman (Peru), “Looking Through the Lens”

    Ronald Leonhardt (Evansville), “Floaters”

    Kathy Los-Rathburn (Griffith), “Amoco” and “Refinery”

    Peter Lupkin (Fort Wayne), “Portrait of Jeorgia” and “Madame Gautreau”

    William Lupkin (Yoder), “Intersections” and “Cut Vessel in Fire Red”

    Therese Lynch (West Lafayette), “Lilies in Light” and “Anemones”

    Ellen Lyon (Bloomington), “Metallica Tie Dye” and “Pandemic Self-Portrait 1”

    1. Cassia Margolis (Indianapolis), “Portrait” and “Reclining Nude”

    Jeanne McLeish (Mooresville), “Contemplation” and “The Painter”

    Katherine Meade (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida), “Regatta at Sunrise”

    Bob Meyers (Indianapolis), “Chicago Rain”

    Charles Mundy (Indianapolis), “Raku & Copper with Onions”

    Lylanne Musselman (Eaton), “Staring Dementia in the Face”

    Pamela Newell (Fishers), “Bouquet in Blue”

    Chris Newlund (Columbus), “Sonata”

    Kevin O’Brien (Lafayette), “Steverino Fan” and “Hand on Coffee”

    Kate Orr (Indianapolis), “Viridian Artemis” and “Champion/When the Storm Passes”

    James Patterson (Greenwood), “Forgotten”

    Vandra Pentecost (Indianapolis), “Hide & Squeak”

    Dianna Porter (Greenwood), “Light Fandango,” “Savannah” and “Skylar in Character”

    Robert Pote (Mount Vernon), “Illinois Rural Scene”

    Kyle Ragsdale (Indianapolis), “Roco Loco” and “A Grief Observed”

    Atossa Rahmanifar (West Lafayette), “Silence is Broken”

    Mark Ratzlaff (Bloomington), “Lexington, September Building” and “Anna #5”

    Russell Recchion (Tuscon, Arizona), “Harlequin Sage”

    Matt Rees (Greencastle), “Orchard Jays”

    Patricia Rhoden (Nashville), “Reaching”

    Michael Rippey (Douglas, Michigan), “Fresh Snow Indiana Dunes”

    Carleen Rivera (Munster), “Paradise Today”

    Joe Rohrman (Noblesville), “Le Bateau” and “Stuff”

    Brian Russelburg (Plainfield), “Main Street”

    Martha Sando (Indianapolis), “Not So Silent Spring” and “Island Power”

    Betty Scarpino (Indianapolis), “Finding Center,” “Entwined Energy” and “Entwined Energy 01”

    Terri Schultz (Nashville), “Under the Apple Tree,” “Sunshine” and “Kitchen Counter Floral”

    Constance Edwards Scopelitis (Indianapolis), “Love Letters to Self #2” and “Love Letters to Self #3”

    David Seward (Zionsville), “The Docks at Annecy”

    Kerry Shaw (Muncie), “1812 Brave” and “Tombstone Cowboy”

    Joshua Shepherd (Union City), “Wouldn’t Call Him Woolly Britches If I Was You”

    Donna Shortt (Indianapolis), “Fearless Solitude” and “Moonriser”

    Jerry Smith (Crawfordsville), “Heartworn Highway” and “Winter Harmony”

    William Smock (Idaville), “Veteran with Dog” and “Turkey Run”

    Karen Sonner (Marion), “Puget Sound”

    Rita Spalding (Indianapolis), “Yellow Roses” and “Magenta Roses”

    Stephanie Spay (Noblesville), “Grasp” and “The Guidance of Zoe”

    Arlyne Springer (Noblesville), “Ladies of the Bee”

    Curt Stanfield (Rosedale), “Shadow Dance”

    Carol StrockWasson (Union City), “Serenade to Simplicity”

    Ginny Takacs (Gary), “Long Lake” and “Birch Grove”

    Brian Talbert (Spencer), “Across County Line Road, Late Afternoon”

    Stephanie Thomson (Brownsburg), “Sepulchral”

    James Tracy (Deputy), “Stone Head”

    Gerald Traicoff (Carmel), “My Morning Song” and “Electric Blues”

    Mark Vander Vinne (Porter), “They Paved Paradise” and “Soul Slow Down”

    Mary Sue Veerkamp-Schwab (Bloomington), “The Display Case” and “The Light from Behind”

    Justin Vining (Indianapolis), “Winter in Irvington”

    Mark Waninger (Jamestown), “Royal,” “Rose” and “Raucous”

    Patricia Weiss (Huntertown), “Lavatory” and “Late Afternoon Light”

    Elizabeth Whipple (Avon), “February Rain”

    Cindy Wingo (Carmel), “Aerial Landscape and Color Study” and “Aerial Perspective of SFA”

    Carrie Wright (Muncie), “Specimen #19”

    Gabriel Yaden (Franklin), “Berries and Cream Ballet”

The judge for this year’s Hoosier Salon was Paula Swaydan Grebel. The California native received her BFA in Figure Drawing and a Minor in Textiles from the California State University of Long Beach. After moving to Wisconsin in the 1990s she has continued studying here and abroad with key perceptual painters. Paula teaches painting and drawing workshops throughout the states, and her work can be found in public and private collections worldwide.