Released August 13, 2018

Cardboard Engineering to ignite imaginations at the Indiana State Museum

INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 13, 2018) – Starting this September, visitors to the Indiana State Museum will be transported back to a time when all one needed to create a rocket ship, school bus, house, or something else entirely was some cardboard, tape and a whole lot of imagination.

A new experience called “Cardboard Engineering” will provide all of the materials families and visitors need to build whatever they can dream up. The area will feature free creation in a space completely stocked with cardboard boxes, cardboard pieces, colorful tape, markers, safety scissors and more.

“Cardboard Engineering is truly a visitor-focused experience, with an emphasis on creativity, imagination and even problem solving,” said Cathy Ferree, president and CEO of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. “We’re excited to empower our visitors to challenge themselves and have fun with their friends or families in this immersive space.”

Special programs around the experience will also take place throughout its run, including local artists and art students who will work in the exhibit to help provide guidance and inspiration, various events for adults or families and special workshops. A rotation of artifacts from the museum’s permanent collection – including a samurai suit – will provide inspiration to visitors as well.

“This experience can really be whatever the visitor wants it to be,” said Bethany Thomas, the vice president of programs and education engagement for the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. “It’s a place where families can create something new together or build on what other visitors have left behind.”

Cardboard Engineering is included with purchase of general admission, which is free for members. The experience will be at the Indiana State Museum Sept. 29 through May 27.

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