Released February 10, 2017

Ice Age Graveyards reveals Indiana’s cool past


Contact: Megan Simpson, 317.234.8146, [email protected]

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Museum digs into the Hoosier state’s icy history in Ice Age Graveyards. The exhibition features several Ice Age mammals unearthed across Indiana and uncovers what it takes to bring their remains to the surface.

Ice Age Graveyards takes an in-depth look at the mammals that roamed what is now the state of Indiana during the last ice age. It also details the surprising number of bones found buried in the Indiana soil and maps out the so-called graveyards so visitors can see just how close to home these giant creatures once wandered.

“I am still awed at the immense size of some of these animals and at how abundant their remains are in Indiana,” said Ron Richards, senior research curator of Paleobiology. “But many more lie buried, possibly from animal species not previously known from the state. Folklore relates that any bog larger than an acre likely has mastodon remains in it.”

Visitors can check out Fred the mastodon (follow him on Twitter @FredIndiana), as well as mounts of the Hebior mammoth, sabertooth, dire wolf, flat headed peccary and the giant short-faced bear. Ice Age Graveyards also lets visitors see the differences between the mammoth and mastodon, compare male and female tusks and check out photographs from recent digs.

The Indiana State Museum is responsible for unearthing more of these ancient mammals than any other Indiana institution. The exhibition also explores the museum’s efforts to find and preserve Indiana’s last native giants.

Ice Age Graveyards runs from February 25 to September 4 in the museum’s Ford Gallery.

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The Indiana State Museum is located at 650 W. Washington Street in Indianapolis. Exhibition gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The first Tuesday of each month (Community Tuesdays) admission is half price. Auxiliary aids and services are available with advance notice. For more information, call the museum at 317.232.1637.

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