Released March 1, 2024

IN the Abstract Highlights Contemporary Art

INDIANAPOLIS (March 1, 2024) — Rigid lines and soft swirls. Flat surfaces and dimensional textures. Blended colors and sharp contrasts. Recognizable shapes and free forms.

Abstract art is an open avenue for artists’ expressions and viewers’ interpretations of senses, emotions and ideas. This thought-provoking style will be the focus of the Indiana State Museum’s new exhibit, IN the Abstract: Art from Northern Indiana.

Open from March 9-June 23 in the museum’s third-floor Ford Gallery, this compelling exhibit invites visitors to view the world through the eyes of more than 30 contemporary artists from 17 northern Indiana counties. It has been curated in partnership with Mark Ruschman, Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites senior curator of art emeritus, as well as northern Indiana artist and curator Bob Cross.

“IN the Abstract highlights the museum’s ongoing commitment to showcasing contemporary art by Indiana artists,” said Ruschman. “More specifically, this exhibits represents the diversity of artists working in northern Indiana, sharing their personal stories and reasons for making art, and shining a light on what makes their work unique.”

Abstract art diverges from the literal visual references found in representational art by distilling subject matter into its essence of colors, lines, textures, shapes and concepts. Northern Indiana has a rich history as a hub of creativity for abstract artists in the state.

Adapted and expanded from a 2022 exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, IN the Abstract features a variety of two-dimensional pieces, including paintings and fabric works, as well as three-dimensional sculptures of ceramic, metal and even natural materials. In addition, the exhibit offers insights from the artists about their own unique approaches to art and the ways in which their everyday surroundings in northern Indiana affect the creative process.

IN the Abstract is free for members and included with museum admission, which is $20 for adults, $14 for youth (ages 3-17) and $18 for seniors. Visitors can go to to learn more and save on admission by purchasing tickets in advance.


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