Pinewood Derby

And the results are in! The winners are...

Race Competition

Youth Category
1st  Dustin King, car 266
2nd Adam Kiewitt, car 327
3rd Vincent Sorah, car 341
4th Sawyer Scheid, car 257

Adult Category
1st   Season Rose, car 420
2nd  Lexi Schuman, car 427
3rd Livia Rose, car 428
4th Jeff Rose, car 422

Click here for a PDF of time trial results.


Best in Show

Youth Category
Food: 1st – Sawyer Scheid  2nd – Brooke Wrightsman
Most Creative: 1st – Audrey Hershey  2nd – Clarke Barrick
Scouts: 1st – Sawyer Scheid   2nd – Maddie Wrightsman
STEM: 1st – Sawyer Scheid  2nd – Haley Carey
Transportation: 1st – Sawyer Scheid  2nd – Parker Childress
Overall Best in Show: Sawyer Scheid

Adult Category
Most Creative: 1st – Paula Ricketts 2nd – Jason Scheuer
Indiana State Museum: 1st – Doug Poad 2nd – Gene Carey
Overall Best in Show: Doug Poad