Released May 23, 2022

Build a City (Out of Cardboard)

INDIANAPOLIS – Find out what can you build with cardboard, colored tape, cardboard cutters and pencils at “Cardboard Engineering: Build a City,” a new experience at the Indiana State Museum from May 28 to Oct. 30 that invites children and adults to lend their imagination to creating a cardboard metropolis.

“Cardboard Engineering” will feature three sections to create the buildings that make up a cityscape, fashion the animals, plants and play spaces for a city park and devise the transportation to get around the city. In center of the gallery will be tables, the tools and space to work. (Of course, visitors will also be able to work on the floor.)

“Cardboard Engineering: Build a City” is free with paid admission to the Indiana State Museum. Admission is $17 for adults, $16 for seniors, $12 for children and $5 for students with a valid Indiana college ID. Call (317) 232-1637 for more information.

“Cardboard Engineering: Build a City” is a sequel to the wildly popular “Cardboard Engineering” experience the museum presented in 2018-19. Cardboard artists Clyde Gaw and Clark Fralick, who made a cardboard mastodon at the initial exhibit, will return to give demonstrations and build a skyscraper with a marble tram running through it to anchor the cityscape.

“Kids love this, and the last time, we had families in there spending more than an hour to make intricate things,” said Bethany Thomas, vice president of programs and education engagement. “Cardboard is a material that’s widely accessible and widely used, and our visitors have been super-creative using something so simple. It’s fun to see where kids will take it.”

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